Spring Projects for around the Garden

  • With the longer days and warmer weather, spring is the perfect time to start to think about your home improvements.  At Covers we love this time of year because it’s a time to start to plan, to think creatively and turn ideas into actions.

Creating more outdoor spaces

  • Decking can improve the feel of an outdoor space, and with the right materials, can be quick and easy to construct. Create the perfect barbeque space for the summer ahead, or a spot to sit with friends and family in the warm months to come. They also don’t take too much maintenance once constructed, and with the right care, can last for many years!

Add some personality to garden

New paving for a modern touch

  • It is incredible what new paving can do to freshen up an outside space.

    Replacing outdated paving slabs, with modern concrete or natural paving can instantly refresh your outside dining space, or pathways. Stepping stones across your lawn can also add a quirky touch, and edging around your flower beds can define borders, and create a more formal space.

A little bit of spring housekeeping

  • If you have fencing in your garden, check that it’s all secure and make repairs when you can. Though it is getting warmer, this is definitely the time to expect some strong winds, and a few stormy nights.

    Take some time to check each panel and fixture, making note of where there may be problem areas. Protecting your fencing should prevent you from having to undertake emergency repairs over the next few months - benefiting you financially and saving you time.

  • Slugs and snails are about all year round, but seedlings are at higher risk during the spring so it’s important to take action.

    Take control with biological control. Traps including scooped out half oranges, grapefruits or melon skins, laid cut side down, should help to reduce these pests. Jars filled partly with peel can be sunk into the soil near vulnerable plants too - just remember to empty these every morning.

As the weeks go by, it can be hard to keep momentum for the projects you start, which is why we suggest using a home projects calendar. This is a great way to make that the plans you make now aren’t forgotten. 

Download the Covers Project Planner, to start planning your perfect spring garden.