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About Brickwork Ventilation

Brickwork ventilation is an essential aspect of building construction, playing a crucial role in maintaining the health and longevity of structures. These products are vital for preventing moisture accumulation, which can lead to dampness and structural damage. Whether you're working on new construction or renovating existing buildings, our brickwork ventilation solutions provide the necessary airflow to keep interiors dry and comfortable.

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What Brickwork Ventilation do Covers offer?

We offer a range of brickwork ventilation products designed to ensure proper air circulation in buildings.

  • Redbank Square Hole Red Airbricks: Available in sizes like 215 x 65mm, 215 x 140mm, and 215 x 215mm, these airbricks are designed to facilitate airflow and prevent moisture build-up in walls.
  • Redbank Firebrick: Measuring 225 x 112 x 65mm, this firebrick is essential for fire safety in construction, offering durability and resistance to high temperatures.

When to use Brickwork Ventilation in your project

Brickwork ventilation is crucial in areas prone to dampness or where air circulation is needed to prevent moisture-related issues. Airbricks are commonly used in external walls to allow air to flow into voids and underfloor areas, reducing the risk of dampness and mould. Firebricks are used in construction where fire resistance is required, such as in chimneys and fireplaces. 

Incorporating these ventilation solutions is essential for maintaining the structural integrity and health of buildings. They are particularly important in climates with high humidity or in buildings with a high risk of internal moisture generation. Whether you're constructing a new building or refurbishing an existing one, ensuring proper ventilation is key to preventing long-term issues and maintaining a healthy living environment.

Order Brickwork Ventilation with Click and Collect

Explore the range of brickwork ventilation products at Covers Timber & Builders Merchants, including Redbank Square Hole Red Airbricks and Redbank Firebricks. Our selection ensures you have the right solutions for effective ventilation and fire safety in your construction projects. Order online for convenience and choose Click and Collect for easy pickup at your local depot

Our team of experts is always ready to provide advice and support, helping you select the best brickwork ventilation products for your specific needs. Visit us online or at your nearest Covers depot to discover our brickwork ventilation options today.