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About Scaffold Boards

Scaffold boards are an essential component in construction, offering a secure and stable platform for workers. At Covers Timber & Builders Merchants, we provide high-quality scaffold boards that meet the rigorous standards of BS2482. These boards are designed to ensure safety and reliability in various construction environments, from small residential projects to large commercial sites. 

Our scaffold boards are not only robust but also versatile, suitable for a range of applications beyond scaffolding, such as temporary walkways and platforms.

What scaffold boards do Covers offer?

Covers offers a selection of scaffold boards that are both durable and compliant with safety standards. Our range includes:

  • End Banded Scaffold Boards: Available in sizes like 38 x 225 x 3000mm and 38 x 225 x 3900mm, these boards are BS2482 graded, ensuring they meet the highest safety and quality standards.

  • Versatile Sizes: We provide scaffold boards in various lengths to suit different project requirements, ensuring flexibility and convenience for our customers.

  • Quality Assurance: Each scaffold board is carefully inspected and graded to guarantee optimal safety and performance on your construction site.

When to use scaffold boards in your project

Scaffold boards are crucial for ensuring a safe working environment in construction. They are primarily used for creating scaffolding platforms, offering a stable and secure surface for workers. 

Beyond scaffolding, these boards are also ideal for making temporary walkways, stages, and other platforms in both indoor and outdoor settings. Their robust construction makes them suitable for heavy-duty use, ensuring safety and reliability in various construction scenarios.

Timber Certificates

Covers are committed to providing products that not only meet safety standards but also adhere to environmental responsibilities. Our scaffold boards are sourced with a focus on sustainability, ensuring they come from responsibly managed sources.

Order Scaffold Boards from Your Local Covers Depot

Ordering scaffold boards from Covers Timber & Builders Merchant is straightforward and efficient. With our online selection, you can easily find the right boards for your project. Our Click and Collect service allows you to pick up your order at your nearest Covers depot, ensuring you get your materials quickly and conveniently. Whether you're a professional builder or a DIY enthusiast, Covers is your go-to source for high-quality scaffold boards.