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About Moisture Board

Moisture board, also known as moisture-resistant plasterboard, is specifically designed for use in areas prone to high humidity and moisture. At Covers Timber & Builders Merchants, we offer a selection of moisture boards from leading brands like GTEC and Resistant, ensuring your construction projects benefit from materials that can withstand challenging environments. These boards are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, and basements, providing enhanced protection against damp and mould.

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What moisture board options do Covers offer?

Covers provides a comprehensive range of moisture board products, designed to cater to the diverse needs of construction projects:

  • Resistant Multi-Pro Tile Backer Board: Available in 6mm and 12mm thicknesses, these boards are perfect for tiling applications in wet areas, offering a stable and moisture-resistant substrate.

  • GTEC Tapered Edge Moisture Board: A 12.5mm thick board designed for easy finishing with joint compounds, ideal for walls and ceilings in moisture-prone areas.

  • GTEC Square Edge Vapour Board: Available in 12.5mm thickness, this board includes a vapour control layer, making it suitable for insulation projects requiring moisture management.

Why choose moisture boards for your project?

Moisture boards are essential for ensuring the longevity and integrity of walls and ceilings in areas exposed to moisture. By choosing moisture-resistant plasterboard, you protect your projects against the potential damage caused by damp conditions, such as mould growth and structural deterioration. Our range of moisture boards offers the durability and performance necessary to maintain healthy, comfortable indoor environments.

Order moisture board to your local Covers depot

Discover the extensive selection of moisture board products available at Covers Timber & Builders Merchants for your next project. With our range of GTEC and Resistant products, you're equipped to tackle any challenge in moisture-prone environments, ensuring a successful and durable build.

Ordering has never been easier—place your order online for convenience, and choose Click and Collect for an easy pickup at your nearest depot. Our expert team is ready to provide advice and support, guiding you to the perfect moisture board solutions for your project's specific needs. Visit us online or at your local Covers depot to explore our moisture board options today.