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About Hardwood

Hardwood timber, renowned for its durability and aesthetic appeal, forms a cornerstone of quality construction and design. At Covers, we understand the importance of this versatile material in a range of projects, from robust building frameworks to elegant interior finishes. 

Our hardwood selection caters to both functional requirements and artistic aspirations, ensuring that every piece meets the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

What Hardwood Timber supplies do Covers offer?

Covers takes pride in offering an extensive range of hardwood timber supplies, suitable for various applications:

  • PAR: Smooth, versatile timber ideal for interior joinery, furniture making, and architectural trim.

  • Small Mouldings: Perfect for detailed work including decorative elements both indoors and outdoors in residential and commercial spaces.

  • Sawn Sections: Robust and adaptable, suitable for structural applications, outdoor projects, and custom furniture.

  • TGV: Excellent for cladding, panelling, and flooring, providing a classic, seamless finish.

  • Sawn Square Edge: Ideal for bespoke projects, offering flexibility for custom cuts and finishes.

  • American White Oak: Known for its durability and beauty, perfect for high-end joinery and flooring.

Why use Hardwood Timber in your project?

Hardwood timber is a great choice for projects demanding longevity, strength, and an unmistakable touch of class. Use it when the quality of materials is paramount, such as in high-end residential or commercial construction. 

Its natural resistance to wear makes it ideal for flooring, while the variety of grains and finishes offers endless creative possibilities for furniture and joinery. Hardwood timber not only elevates the aesthetic of any space but also ensures a lasting impression.

Timber Certificates

At Covers, we continue to increase our stocks of FSC® certified TT-COC-001937, and PEFC-certified BMT-PEFC-COC-0086, timber-based products sourced from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. Look for FSC-certified products.

Order Hardwood Timber to Your Local Covers Depot

Elevate your projects with the finest hardwood timber from Covers Timber & Builders Merchants. Our complete online store offers an effortless way to browse and order the exact materials you need. For added convenience, take advantage of our click-and-collect service. Simply place your order online and choose your nearest Covers depot for collection. 

Experience the Covers difference today – where quality materials, expert advice, and customer-centric services come together to enhance your building and design ventures.