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About Timber Cladding

Timber cladding is a versatile and attractive option for both internal and external projects, offering a natural aesthetic that complements a variety of design styles. At Covers Timber & Builders Merchants, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive range of high-quality timber cladding boards, including traditional cladding, TGV cladding, and cedar cladding. 

Our products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and weather-resistant, making them ideal for garden projects, construction, housebuilding, renovations, and DIY home improvement tasks. With our extensive selection, you're sure to find the perfect cladding solution for your specific needs.

What Timber Cladding supplies do Covers offer?

Covers' timber cladding range is extensive, catering to diverse requirements and design preferences. Our offerings include:

  • Traditional Cladding: A classic choice for a timeless look.

  • TGV Cladding: Tongue and Groove V-joint cladding, perfect for creating a smooth, uniform finish.

  • Cedar Cladding: Known for its durability and resistance to weather, ideal for external applications.

When to use Timber Cladding in your project

Timber cladding is an excellent choice for various applications due to its versatility and aesthetic appeal. Traditional cladding is perfect for achieving a classic, rustic look, while TGV cladding offers a more contemporary, streamlined appearance. Cedar cladding is particularly suited for outdoor use, thanks to its natural resistance to weather and decay. 

Whether you're looking to add character to a new build, renovate an existing structure, or undertake a DIY project, timber cladding provides a durable and attractive solution. Its ease of installation and maintenance makes it a popular choice among professionals and hobbyists alike.

Timber Certificates

At Covers, we continue to increase our stocks of FSC® certified TT-COC-001937, and PEFC-certified BMT-PEFC-COC-0086, timber-based products sourced from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. Look for FSC-certified products.

Order Timber Cladding to your local Covers Depot

Discover the perfect timber cladding for your project at Covers. With our extensive range, including traditional, TGV, and cedar cladding, you're sure to find the ideal match for your design vision. Order online for convenience and choose Click and Collect for easy pickup at your local depot

Our team is always on hand to provide advice and support, ensuring you get the best materials for your project. Visit us online or at your nearest Covers depot to explore our timber cladding options today.