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About Aggregates

Aggregates are fundamental materials used in construction, known for their versatility and essential role in concrete, mortar, and road construction. At Covers Timber & Builders Merchants, we offer a wide range of aggregates suitable for various applications, ensuring high quality and reliability for both professional and DIY projects. Our selection includes ballast, limestone scalpings, shingles in various sizes, and more, catering to the diverse needs of construction projects

If you’re in the process of securing the right aggregates for your space, a Covers Trade Account can simplify your procurement process.

What aggregates do Covers offer?

Covers provides a variety of aggregate types, including:

  • Ballast: A mixture used primarily in concrete mixing for strength and stability.

  • Limestone Scalpings: Ideal for sub-base applications, providing a solid foundation.

  • Shingle: Available in various sizes for drainage, decorative purposes, and as a base for paths and driveways.

  • Rendering Sand: Used for rendering applications, offering a smooth finish.

  • Kiln Dried Sand: Perfect for block paving, helping to lock paving in place and prevent weed growth.

  • MOT Type 1: A crushed aggregate used as a sub-base for roads and driveways, known for its stability and compaction.

Why choose aggregates for your project?

Aggregates play a crucial role in construction and landscaping, offering structural integrity, aesthetic appeal, and drainage solutions. They are used in concrete and mortar for construction projects, as well as in decorative landscaping to enhance the visual appeal of outdoor spaces. Choosing the right type of aggregate is essential for the success of your project, whether you're laying a driveway, creating a garden path, or constructing a building foundation.

Order aggregates to your local Covers depot

Discover the wide range of aggregates at Covers, suitable for all your construction and landscaping needs. With our selection, you're sure to find the perfect aggregates for your project. Order online for convenience and opt for Click and Collect for easy pickup at your local depot

Our experienced team is always ready to provide advice and support, helping you select the best aggregates for your specific requirements. Visit us online or at your nearest Covers depot to explore our aggregate options today.