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About Sawn Sections

At Covers Timber & Builders Merchants, our depots are treasure troves of high-quality hardwood sawn timber, each piece selected for its unique characteristics and suitability for a wide range of applications. 

From the rich hues of African hardwoods to the classic elegance of American and European varieties, our collection caters to diverse aesthetic and functional needs. Whether you're crafting bespoke furniture, working on detailed joinery, or enhancing outdoor spaces, our sawn timber range offers the perfect material for every project.

What Sawn Timber supplies do Covers offer?

Our depots are stocked with an exceptional variety of sawn hardwood timber, including:

  • African Iroko: Ideal for outdoor projects, offering durability and a distinctive look.

  • African Sapele: Perfect for joinery and flooring, known for its fine grain and warm tones.

  • African Utile: A top choice for high-quality furniture and interior joinery, offering strength and stability.

  • American Black Walnut: Sought after for luxury furniture and decorative pieces, thanks to its rich colour and grain.

  • American White Ash: Excellent for items requiring resilience, such as sports equipment and tool handles.

  • European Oak: A versatile option for both indoor and outdoor applications, renowned for its durability.

  • Oak: A classic choice for a range of projects, valued for its strength and aesthetic appeal.

  • American Tulipwood: Light and strong, ideal for painted furniture and intricate mouldings.

When to use Sawn Timber in your project

Our sawn timber selection is tailored to meet the demands of various projects. African Iroko and Sapele are excellent for outdoor settings due to their robustness and visual appeal. African Utile and American Black Walnut bring elegance and longevity to fine furniture and joinery, while American White Ash is perfect for durable, flexible applications. European Oak and Oak offer timeless beauty for diverse projects, while American Tulipwood is ideal for lightweight yet durable constructions.

Timber Certificates

At Covers, we continue to increase our stocks of FSC® certified TT-COC-001937, and PEFC-certified BMT-PEFC-COC-0086, timber-based products sourced from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. Look for FSC-certified products.

Order Sawn Timber from your local Covers Depot

Discover the perfect sawn hardwood for your project at your local Covers depot. Our expert team is ready to assist with advice and insights, ensuring you select the best materials for your needs. Trust Covers Timber & Builders Merchants for unparalleled quality, expertise, and service.